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    Winning a tennis match is a great feeling. It is a just reward for all the effort and training that you have put in. But is winning the most important thing? It has been said, ‘it’s the taking part that counts’, but try telling that to somebody who has just lost a match. Of course, everybody likes to win and certainly plays to win. But sometimes we can try too hard to win and end up shooting ourselves in the foot.

About the Book


Fundamentally, this book looks at three areas that can help us to improve our game. Two of these areas we have control of, one less so.
First, I talk about how winning can often be all-important, how the need to win can place us under self-induced pressure and how this pressure stops us from playing our best tennis.
Second, I discuss what happens when we slip into what is known in tennis terms as 'the zone'. This is when our play becomes effortless and it all seems so easy. I also look for an answer to a question that has perplexed and fascinated me for many years, and one of the primary reasons why I wrote the book. The question is, "why does luck always smile on the player who is winning or playing well, especially if they are in the zone?". The answer that I give leads the book to delve deeper than any other tennis book...ever!
Finally, the book deals with pressure, how we can recognise this pressure and how we can train our minds to interpret pressure differently. These three areas make up the crux of the book.

Reasons to Buy


  • The book is a short read with 3 basic principles.
  • The book is not technical, it's easy to understand.
  • Gives good examples from other subjects to consolidate each point.
  • The author explains about being in the same boat as the reader.
  • The author does not take himself too seriously.
  • The book allows you to work it out for yourself.


  • You can read it in under 2 hours.
  • Does not require that much thinking about or working out.
  • Helps you develop greater self-belief at the latter stages of a match.
  • You will learn new things about yourself.
  • May even help you to be more positive in other areas of your life.

About the Author

Paul Bundock Steel

Although I am not a tennis coach and do not have any titles to my name, I do have an understanding of how the mind works.