• Improve your Game!

    Winning a tennis match is a great feeling. It is a just reward for all the effort and training that you have put in. But is winning the most important thing? It has been said, ‘it’s the taking part that counts’, but try telling that to somebody who has just lost a match. Of course, everybody likes to win and certainly plays to win. But sometimes we can try too hard to win and end up shooting ourselves in the foot.

About the Author

My name is Paul and I have been playing tennis for nearly 20 years. I started off having coaching in a group of about 10 people which included backhand and forehand drills and games that helped to keep the ball in play. I stayed with the coaching lessons for about a year and during this time another group member invited me to her club to see if I would like it. I went along a couple of times and was told I was good enough to join. Within a year I started playing matches for the club but soon realised that my tennis in matches was not as good as it was at the social level. I found that I got tense or nervous during the match which also affected my timing. This reduced the power in my shots and therefore I could not put my opponent under any pressure. I began to lose to people who I knew I could, or should, beat.

However, after many years, I began to work out a strategy to overcome these negative thoughts or feelings and help me play better under pressure. In the end, the strategy was so simple that I believed anyone could understand and apply it. NOW YOU CAN!
I had basically worked it out for myself and you can do the same by following some very basic principles.

As I have said before, I am not a tennis coach and do not have any titles or qualifications to my name, but I do have an understanding of how the mind works and what a powerful tool it is if used in the right way. When you unlock its potential, you will be amazed at the transformation.