• Improve your Game!

    Winning a tennis match is a great feeling. It is a just reward for all the effort and training that you have put in. But is winning the most important thing? It has been said, ‘it’s the taking part that counts’, but try telling that to somebody who has just lost a match. Of course, everybody likes to win and certainly plays to win. But sometimes we can try too hard to win and end up shooting ourselves in the foot.

Mental for Tennis

  • Do you wonder why you cannot produce your best tennis in matches?
  • Do you choke when serving out a match?
  • Do you fear the erosion of your lead in the scoreline?
Don't worry! I was in the same boat as you. Now you can read my book and overcome these obstacles by following a few basic principles and be taken on a journey that no other tennis book has taken you before.




I enjoyed reading the book, I found the advice very helpful, encouraging and motivating. The psychological aspect has fascinated me.



Well written and interested in the know how of the medical side. Good tactical accounts.



A brave attempt to show how the whole being can be applied to the game of tennis.


About the Author

Paul Bundock Steel

Although I am not a tennis coach and do not have any titles to my name, I do have an understanding of how the mind works.